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USB Password Manager: When Your Password Database Is Right Where You Need It

USB password manager is the most convenient way to store your passwords and the only solution that meets the needs of a modern person. It's the simplest way to escape troubles and awkward situations connected with your private data.

Let's return back 10 years ago. At that time computers were expensive, resources were limited, number of websites providing user accounts did not exceed several dozens. Portability was something more imaginable than real. You may have had a desktop and your passwords were perfectly kept written somewhere like on those small colorful sticky papers. Today the choice of portable devices meets all kinds of tastes, so the majority of people have more than one computer. This is where sharing data becomes a problem.

Just imagine, you are on a business trip and you need to check your email urgently. You turn on your notebook just to find out your password storing program has no data concerning email. Such headache situations are frequent in case you normally use more than one computer. If you wish to escape them, there's one simple solution - portable password database powered by USB password manager.

There's nothing easier than creating your own password database that will always travel with you. Today removable USB devices like USB flash drives cost next to nothing, so they are affordable for everyone. Despite ordinary password managers that require installation to your hard drive, USB password manager is installed directly to USB flash drive. The program activates when you put flash drive to your PC or notebook. There's no difference with ordinary password manager, but you can be sure you have all login data handy.

Your password database is also kept on USB flash drive. No need to say in terms of safety and encryption USB password manager is just as reliable as PC analog.

People who normally use notebook and desktop computer can also have both versions of password manager installed. In this case USB password manager will act as a synchronization tool you can use your password database on removable device as a synchronization source that will help to keep your information accurate on all machines you own.

USB password manager is a solution that is already proven and successfully used by thousands of people worldwide. This is truly safe way to keep your passwords organized and ready to use whenever you need.

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